Sunday, March 20, 2011

The year 200910€ to an end, an eventfulyear w th an excellent perlormance by reor
Mdr*etirq. Ou. commitment to be rJo.t
only n the Retai sector blr across a busne$
lnes stands f.m and unwaverine, and rean Ma*etins s fu ly charged towards turo ns thar
drcam nto rea ity on botlom line bas s we have been able to a.h eve a volume oa 24 53 MMT
thereby regisrering a growthot3% overh storica aswelaroverAoP(2r.36MMI)fortheyear
200910. we have been able to source 15.77 MMTfrom Relnery and the ba an.e wa5sou(€d
through d fferent groups lke rT&S and O&D wh ch was a challenge and a credtCodtothem
Ahd,thevarous nnovatveln t at ves undedaken by the sBUs a one wth the deve opm€^t and
up S6datio^ of infranru.ture, f{iltes and new projeds, har greany mproved our saes
performance lhis sustainad foctrs wil surey €ap rich dvdends in the lons run and he p
mprove our marketshare wh ch sourcoledrveaspnarion
lhe various SBU9 have perforfred exceedidgy wel n th€ year, keepine i^ vew the produd
suppy situations, refln€ry downturn,.tc whletheRetai sedor hasshown aBrowth of3%,
tPG 12%, Av at on 3 9% atrd [ubesat33.s%,ther&c pe.lormanceot 13.3%which is ona..ount
of malor o$ in vo umes of Naphtha & LsNs, has mor€ than hade up n Ms/Hso c, Fo &
Btumer. The.onnant suppod ol o&D a^d P&P which s the ba.kbone of Marketns, has
helped achieve the sa es volume ot24.53 MMT, and kudos to them
Projeds & Pipeiner Department has achieved an a lt me record thru put of 1192 MMT for a
three Plpe nes,which has ako ex.eeded the Ministry MOUiarsetofl0 MMT.
For ns ts.alyear 201011, an the SBUs a.d a led Markering fundions are advsed to
ser thet interna tarCets we in advance and finalne the r respedive MOUs which lwould like
signed lointy wth me, by the end ofApril2010. Basd the ddmesric5aes tarsel of25 72 MMT
n the Annua P an 2010 11, and with a desire io a.h eve 26 MMT, the ssls
are requened io.onsider nret.hing a itte hore whlst fnn trg up then AoP targets
a.cord ncy. Th€se rargets alonS with the targets/pahneteE 5et in the MoLr wirh MoP&Nc,
need to be dosey montored by al cotrcerned far period. and quadery revews and
Another vtalaspect pe.tains to the financ a mp .ations in the mdter ol exrens on olcredit to
custome6. tkextremey mponanta.dcrtcalthattheoutna^dingsf.omthecustomerare
very cosely nonitored and Corpontion's fn.ncial nte.est fu y There 5hal be no
fiedit beyo^d apprdved termr a^d ea.h of the sBUs/Rpson5 need to nonitor ths aspect very Wherevef any beyond termsa.e.eponed or alowed tb.dntinue, the same wi be
viewed verv (t.a y. S m larly, a our out stand ngs should be secured ro the erte^t po$ible
Thereshou d no unsecured out5tandngsnotcovered in the form of Bcs, Lcs,€k.
EEtr I
The credit evauarion t arse$nent for rettinc the nedti tmiikanothercrtcalarea
whch needs to be aut v€ y and a I the Resiona Credit Committees should
evaluate ths asp€ct perlodica ly in respect of the r .redit .ustome6 dur ne the ReC onalCredir
Comm ttee meeungs and take suitabe actionr a..ordi^sly. Needle$ to emphasze that
collecton on t m€ wll be the prime focls and no laxty on ihs account shal be a owed 1o
Thel!ture as we seelor HPc and esp.callyfor Market ns i5 bright,.ustomer dr ven and lu lof
unbpped potentalwhich, wth the rght impetus, wil rake us roward5 our ultimate soalot
being tJo,r rn the Indunry The hsh standards 5et bV us wilcreate new business idea5 and
50 ut ons to meet marlet.hallenges wthout.ompromi5 ns on our core princlples & decis ons
Tbe path to realrinCour vson to be,vo,l na bng and arduoustask Iheluture isvolatiewith
ble r.cto6 lke economns, demogmphics, e8al, poirca and
socia condtionr, re.hnological .hange!, and natucl lorces our orsannations
de.Gion makns which wi lmpact our performance aid shategies. Bur al thi! should not
dis.ouraseourenth!sasmand drve,and instead motivate us ro think d fferenr y, nnovaleand
stcteSte to aiain su.ce$
wou d lke to take thr opportunq to rea.h out to each one of you, dear coleasues, and
assure you that despte rhe odds faced by us, w€ shou d rise above our lev€lof conlort and
reease the dir(etio^ary eftort n pedorm ng ourlasks to rh€ fulpn potentialand capabrlri€s
to.eachihar eve ofex.elence and surpass o!. next y€als target of26 MMTso aslo be able
to ach eveourcoroorate Pran obledrve of40 MMT nthevear2014.15.
on th€ whol€, rhe ex.erent penorman.e bythe sBUs with the nupendous support ofrhe ailied
functons lke O&D, P&P, R&D ac, NR, Mktg Fna^.e and legal i5 deseryins of a lcreditand frv
.ompliments to Team Markenng,
.odc"' LohJEU"<>

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