Friday, March 18, 2011

Murli Deora's involvement in RIL-RNRL case

Following is the Text from a letter 16.1.2010 to Murli Deora, then Minister of Petroleum, whom we were approaching for our reinstatement in HPCL.See how openly Shri Deora was supporting Mukesh Ambani ?I have no fear to give this statement on affidavit , there were 4 persons present in that meeting Shri Murli Deora, Sushil vyas(agent for Sh. Deora), Ashok Singh and writer R.P.Sriavstava which took place at his residence opposite jaslok Hospital Mumbai on 18.7.2010 @ 12 noon

Immediately on reaching Mumbai Airport on evening of 17.07.2009 Sri. Vyas contacted you( Murli Deora), and in turn Sri. Vyas handed over the phone to Ashok singh , you once again reiterated your commitment and told him that this is NOW YOUR (SRI. DEORA)'s PERSONAL Responsibility to get us reinstated and you further asked us to meet you on 18.07.2009.

We met you at your residence on 18.07.2009 you conveyed us that Ashok’s statuary appeal (against dismissal) has not been rejected by HPCL & reinstatement orders will be issued in both the cases immediately. In our presence a phone call came from Sri. S. Sundareshan, Additional Secretary, MOP & NG who briefed you, on the case in the matter of Ambani Brothers on Gas dispute which is being heard by Hon'ble apex court . In addition to asking him to protect the interest of elder brother( Mukesh Ambani) you asked him to talk to HPCL for our reinstatement.The Call from S.Sunderesan was received from MOP&NG @ around 12.30 pm on 18.7.2009 at Murli Deora's residence no. in Mumbai in our presence and same day MOP&NG had filed an affidavit in Hon'ble Supreme court on Govt's stand in RIL-RNRL case

During conversation I informed you that , HPCL has issued me eviction orders from the company accommodation, and you promptly spoke to HPCL C&MD ,Shri Arun Balakrishnan and advised him to allow me to retain the house , he bluntly refused and conveyed that since I have an alternate house , I can shift there.

While coming out of your home Sri. Vyas conveyed to us. “You see how close you (Ashok Singh & RPS) are now to the Minister, he (Sri. Deora) had discussed such a sensitive matter and gave instruction to protect the interest of the elder brother in the Supreme Court. He further said that Murali Bhai is a man of words and commitment. Murali Bhai never keeps anybody’s. Obligations even to the extent that he pays in cash to the people who work for him in the elections so that nobody can seek favour from him in his capacity as the minister. He further added that if C & MD HPCL does not listen, Murali Bhai will not hesitate to send him home and reinstate you by asking the committee of Functional Directors. However since we did not listen any thing from any body till 03.08.2009 I once again sent an SMS to Sri. Vyas. Sri. Vyas promptly responded that we should meet Additional Secretary immediately whom We met on 18.08.2009 at Shastri Bhavan

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