Saturday, March 19, 2011

Questions to be asked to murli deora

Is it true that you convened a meeting of OIL PSUs officials at your pvt residence in Mumbai on 19 april 2006 to introduce Marker system?
why the meeting was convened at your pvt residence to take official decision of .award of a contract ?
Is it true that you ordered OIL PSUSs officials to comply with verbal orders of Mr M S Srinivasan then Secretary Petroleum to award acontract to Ms Authentrix Ltd and their agents SGS INDIA LTD for marker system?
it is alleged that you had personal intrest in this corrupt deal and on your verbal instructions OIL PSU officials were forced to award this contract illegally in gross violation of the law and further employees of SGS INDIA LTD were allowed extortion from geninue dealers and illegal actions were taken against innocent dealers who refused to pay .several such cases are now decided in favour of dealers by Hon Supreme Court and strictures against Govt
Is it true that you introduced Marker system and amended MS -HSD control order in a criminal conspiracy with OIL mafas .knowing fully well that marker is not temper proof and OIL MAFIAS given free field for adulteration in view of amendment to MS-HSD CONTROL ORDER ?
on knowing that there is corruption in this case a complaint was filed before CBI Bombay.which is now registered against Mr MS SRINIVASAN and oil psu officials.what action have you taken against guilty ministry officials in compliance of order of Hon Bombay high court?
Today news HPCL defies Govt since matter is serious and may result into a loss of over Rs 600 crs What action you take against HPCL and by when? if no action reason your fear that they may expose you in ongoing investigations

Why Ministry officials were pressurising oil company officers to pay SGS immediately and payments were monitored byMinistry officials ?

Despite HPCL's R&D advisor confirming that Marker was carcinogenic(may cause cancer among human being )as early as in Jan 2005, why your Ministry officials allowed Marker implementation?

Knowing fully well about irregularity in purchase of Marker system , you inaugurated the Marker launch along with your secretary on 4.10.2006 @ 11 a.m at Indian oil's Bijwasan terminal in presence of shri M.S.Srinivasan Secy. MOP&NG , Shri Sajjan Kumar M.P , Shri Ashok Badhwar and others?

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